What Happened to All the Zeppelins?

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You’ve seen video of the Hindenburg disaster in New Jersey from that flame-filled day in 1937. But what about the zeppelins that didn’t crash? How did they work and what did people imagine they would do to revolutionize air travel?

Humans used to imagine a future filled with these rigid aircraft zipping through the skies, but those dreams were derailed by the Hindenburg. Gizmodo’s latest video takes a look at the history of zeppelins, told through the art and artifacts of an obsessive collector in Brazil named Jobson Figueiredo. We also examine the strange history of a docking mast in South America, the last zeppelin mast in existence. Piecing together history through these artifacts, we explore what once was, what could have been, and what might still be to come in the world of zeppelins.