What happens to your body one hour after eating a Big Mac?

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When you first bite into a Big Mac, it is absolutely glorious. The two patties sandwiching the chewy bread in the middle with the lovely thousand island sauce mixing in with the pickles and lettuce, the taste is iconic. Add in fries and a sip of Coke in between bites and you have reached Fast Food nirvana. But after you eat a Big Mac? Your body doesn’t always feel so hot.

Here’s an infographic from Fast Food Menu Price detailing what happens just one hour after eating a big mac. In the first 10 minutes, your blood sugar level rises to abnormal levels and you feel good because of the dopamine being released (like when you do drugs!). In the 20 to 30 min range, you start getting bombarded with sugar and sodium which causes you to feel dehydrated. 40 minutes in, and you want more food. 60 minutes in and your body realizes oh crap, it’s going to take a while to digest this big boy.

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Blaze the Fox

People also say eating fast food every day will make you fat. I have absolutely no issues maintaining my weight and have excellent cholesterol levels. I also have a very low metabolic rate, so obviously fast food isn’t the issue.

That and 1000mg of salt is only .18 of a teaspoon, and even less is on the chips. And if you are worried about your sugar intake you have a lot more to worry about than corn syrup. Almost everything you eat contributes to your sugar intake, even if you ate cardboard.

These stupid fear campaigns are just for and by people overly obsessed with being perfectly skinny as they see it as an indicator of perfect health. They feel if you aren’t skinny then you have made a failure of judgement in your life.

A diet for me is two hamburgers, regular chips and a regular coke, topped off with half a block of chocolate. Make the rest up with sensible amounts of cereals, muesli, fruit or salads.

And if you do exercise on a regular basis and maintain your diet you would find your energy intake is a lot higher that what they say it should be.

I genuinely don’t understand why people have so much drama with their weight :/