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What happens to your body one hour after eating a Big Mac?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

When you first bite into a Big Mac, it is absolutely glorious. The two patties sandwiching the chewy bread in the middle with the lovely thousand island sauce mixing in with the pickles and lettuce, the taste is iconic. Add in fries and a sip of Coke in between bites and you have reached Fast Food nirvana. But after you eat a Big Mac? Your body doesn’t always feel so hot.

Here’s an infographic from Fast Food Menu Price detailing what happens just one hour after eating a big mac. In the first 10 minutes, your blood sugar level rises to abnormal levels and you feel good because of the dopamine being released (like when you do drugs!). In the 20 to 30 min range, you start getting bombarded with sugar and sodium which causes you to feel dehydrated. 40 minutes in, and you want more food. 60 minutes in and your body realizes oh crap, it’s going to take a while to digest this big boy.


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