What if Apple and Chumby Designed a Surfboard?

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Thomas Meyerhoffer used to work at Apple and helped design Chumby. These days, he's reinventing the classic shape of the surfboard. Looks more like a snowboard, with that midcut radius. Or a spaceship. I like it.

Here's how it rides:

I would try to explain the theory behind this one, but the shape itself is best explained by Thomas in this video by surfpulse.

Thomas Meyerhoffer's projects include the first rounded sky goggles, the Smith V3 and the predecessor to the iMac, the translucent emate. Thomas Meyerhoffer doesn't live too far from where I am, a few miles south of San Francisco. Maybe I'll catch him riding this strange surfboard one of these days. Interesting. [Meyerhoffer surfboards, Outside Mag Profile, SurfPulse]

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It looks like an 8-bit cartoon turkey baster.