What If Captain Picard's Star Trek: Nemesis Clone Was Just Patrick Stewart, Instead of Bald Baby Tom Hardy?

Bald Dad Energy off the charts in this scene.
Gif: Paramount/Deep Homage

Star Trek: Nemesis is a nightmare of a movie, but one of its slightly better nightmares is the bonkers performance a young, spectacularly shaved Tom Hardy gives as Shinzon, the villain of the film and also the Romulan-made clone of Jean-Luc Picard. But what if instead of just inviting us to believe that Patrick Stewart looked like Tom Hardy as a youth, Shinzon was...just Patrick Stewart?


Thanks to this fun application of “deepfakes” machine learning AI technology—a rare application, given that in the real world it is often applied in downright petrifying manners—by YouTuber Deep Homage, we no longer have to wonder, because now we can watch Shinzon’s reveal scene, except now instead of Tom Hardy walking out of the shadows to shock Jean-Luc Picard to his core, it’s...well, Patrick Stewart:

It’s still rendered deeply uncomfortable, bald Tom Hardy or otherwise, thanks to the fact that Hardy’s voice is still coming out of fake-Patrick-Stewart’s mouth. That, and somehow despite being bald himself, putting Stewart’s face on Hardy’s bald bonce some how makes his head look even more ginormous. But still, it’s a fun use of weird technology that makes the film’s attempt to make a clone of Picard actually, properly work.

Doesn’t save Nemesis from being Nemesis though.

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