What is Damon doing naked in Elena's room? The cast and creators of Vampire Diaries reveal all!

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We saw a sizzling snippet from next season's Vampire Diaries, and got a chance to find out a few details about what's coming up for TV's angstiest supernatural threesome and their friends in the fall.


Audiences at Comic-Con were treated to one glimpse of what's in store next season, when we saw a clip of Damon walking stark naked into a room where Elena looks pretty surprised to see him — especially showing his almost-visible pubes. His hair is wet, so I'm guessing he's fresh from sudsing up his vampy parts. "I was just wondering what you'd do if I was indecent." Damon snarks.

So the big question is, what exactly will Elena do? The cast and crew of the show had some ideas.

Producer/writer Kevin Williamson explained, "Katharine said at the end of the season that it's OK to love both [brothers] - we're going to see what that means next season." Added producer/writer Julie Plec, "Katharine seems to know more about what it's like to care about both Salvatore brothers than anybody else, and she's not saying that for no reason." Even Nina Dobrev, who plays Elena and Katharine, commented on the idea that she won't have to choose between the brothers, even though Stefan's turn to the dark side might tempt her to switch teams. "I don't have to choose. Katharine had it right," she said.

Williamson added that it just wouldn't be realistic to have Elena jump into Damon's arms now that Stefan has left. "She's not going to run straight into Damon's arms - there are too many things in the way for them. All three of them have feelings for each other - they're brothers, lovers, and friends. It's going to take a lot of twists and turns."

As for Damon, he's not getting off easy either. Ian Somerhalder, who plays Damon, put it succinctly: "He wanted his brother to eat and destroy everything in their paths. But now he's doing that with a guy Damon hates. And he's left in Mystic Falls with a girl he loves and can't have." Williamson added, "With Damon, it's a reluctant hero story. He wants to kill, but Elena is telling him that's not OK. So it will be interesting to see how that plays out and explodes in his face."

We're also going to get lots of flashbacks to Stefan's "ripper" past with Klaus, and find out what the bond is between the ancient badass vamp and Elena's true love.


There are also big changes coming up for Jeremy, Elena's brother, who survived being shot by Caroline's mom, Sheriff Forbes, when Bonnie revived him with the help of her witch ghost pals. At last Bonnie has admitted that she loves Jeremy, and then what happens - it turns out her resurrection spell's side-effect is that Jeremy can now see the ghosts of his first two girlfriends. Plec said, "The witches said that there would be consequences, but it's not just supernatural consequences — there are emotional consequences too. The first thing that happens after Bonnie confesses her love is that he gets visitations from his first two loves. It's a tough, emotional romantic story too."

The cast did a lot of joking around with each other, especially when they talked about Elena/Katharine. Paul Wesley, who plays Stefan, summed up the difference between Elena and her evil vamp doppelganger:

She's all in a little sweatshirt as Elena, and she comes out in a friggin leather one-piece as Katharine. I'm not having to use my imagination that much to tell the difference between them. When Katharine walks, it's like she's strutting through jello. "Katherine in a leather one-piece swimming through jello - next season on Vampire Diaries."


The panel moderator asked everybody what character they would want to play in the show, other than their own. In response to Williamson saying that he wants to be a cross between Damon and Stefan, Wesley joked, "That would be hot . . . and odd looking."



Ian Somerhalder is the name of the actor who plays Damon.