What Is It?

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It's a plane! It's a bird! It's a burning UFO! Is it the herald of the apocalypse? Kind of, but not quite. What this is, is a nice photo taken by a very lucky photographer.


I have a hard time believing this unique shot of a meteor striking through the Earth atmosphere was taken with a cellphone camera, but looking at the image through Photoshop, it seems it is indeed a real photo. Or maybe it's not a meteor but a sundog, like some people in the comments pointed out.


The photographer—31-yo Matthew Pinless from Cheltenham, England—claims that the object raced through the sky. If it was indeed a meteor, he must have been really fast to take out his cellphone, and shoot quickly enough to snap two pictures of it. Whatever it was, it's good shot. [Daily Mail]

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Not a meteor, It's a sundog with an arch. I'm not a meteorologist, but an astronomer, and have seen many of these. They are caused by ice crystals in the upper atmosphere. Heres a link [en.wikipedia.org]