What Is This?

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I will tell you: This is the place where Humanity reached one of its lowest points in history. The place where 64 years of fear started. The place where the most terrible discovery humankind has ever made finally took shape.

Today marks 64 years since the culmination of Project Manhattan—one of the most complex, expensive, and deadly endeavours ever accomplished by science, the creation of the first nuclear bomb. That August 6, a B-29 Superfortress bomber called "Enola Gay" dropped this 8900 pound bomb called "Little Boy" from 31,000 feet above this exact point, instantly killing 70,000 people, killing 70,000 more years after the event, and affecting the lives of thousands more forever. Actually, the life of everyone in the planet, which still can destroy itself hundreds of times over.


Yes. It's not a good day for science, gadgets, and all of us. So remember it, and enjoy life today, for it is a precious thing that doesn't last forever. [Big Picture]