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What It's Like To Go Off the World's Largest Ski Jump

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You probably don't have the balls to go ski jumping. If you do, congratulations; I hope you're reading this in flight. For the rest of us, this video is a great (read: less scary) way to get just the smallest slice of that action. A piece you can safely chew and swallow.

Filmed at Vikersundbakken, the largest ski jump hill in the world, this first person vid is a thrill to watch, especially from the comfort of an immobile and totally-not-flying chair. But beware, there is one little dangerous thing about all this: the sound can destroy your ears. Be sure to turn down the volume before you give it a go. And then go outside and slide around a frozen sidewalk in your shoes or something. It's almost the same. [Reddit]