There are plenty of people who claim to watch the Super Bowl "for the ads." Well you can force those people to put their money where their mouths are. Once again Hulu is streaming the Super Bowl ads, and only the ads. God save us all.

The whole thing is part of Hulu's AdZone. Excuse me, Hulu's "Toyota AdZone." In addition to dribbling out ad teasers for the next few days, Hulu's Toyota AdZone presented by Toyota will let users like, tweet, and vote for ads right from the Hulu player as they stream live on gamenight. Then, after the real event is over, one spot will be crowned the winner of the evening's advertorial onslaught.


This isn't new either. Hulu Presents Toyota's Toyota AdZone has been around since 2009, which can only mean one thing: people are actually tuning in. Clearly the response is big enough to justify keeping it around. If you've ever wanted proof that the stereotypical slack-jawed, brainwashed, gotta-buy-it-all consumer actually exists out there, look no further.

Sure, Super Bowl ads are some of the best around, but they're still ads, which makes this whole thing sort of gross no matter how entertaining it might be. Most of the ads are already online anyways, so this Hulu round-up—with its own ads—just adds another layer of ick. So if you really need your fill of that E*Trade baby and you'll perish at the sight anyone doing any sportsing, you can hop over to Hulu. But please, feel bad about it if you do. [Hulu, h/t ReadWriteWeb]