OK. Sorry for the geeked out LOST reference. Couldn't help it. But seriously, Dubai is planning to build this huge, talking statue for the Zaabeel Park. And I think there's a discotheque in the head.

Called al hakawati (the storyteller), the naked Dr. Manhattan/Jolly Green Giant monolith will ironically contain a children's library in the feet, some elevators, and will—get this—move as it recites stories to passers-by.


Special joints in the arms and neck will ensure the people lounging around inside don't notice the movement, and that the elevators work properly. The gaudy "Gold Room" (looks like a discotheque to me, hit the link) will take up most of the head, with the eyes serving as view ports.

Dubai has outdone itself again.

Updated: Yes, this appears to be a contest entry, and could be built someday. But it's Dubai, so I remain convinced this will stand tall near the Burj al Arab. [Design Boom via Design Blog]

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