What On Earth Is the Jawbone 'Nerd Dongle'?

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What's it take to get us interested in an FCC filing from Aliph, a company best known for its comparatively stylish but still intrinsically uninteresting Jawbone bluetooth headsets? A name like Nerd Dongle and a bit of mystery, that's what.

The so-called Nerd Dongle looks like a USB stick and the FCC docs show that it's been poking around in the 2.4GHz neck of the woods during testing. Considering that all the previous Jawbones have been Bluetooth affairs, it seems like that's a likely element to the Nerd Dongle, but it's gotta be something more than just a run of the mill Bluetooth stick, right? But what? What? Speculate or just go crazy with 'nerd dongle' in the comments. [Engadget]