What on infinite earths is going on in this Flashpoint teaser?

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DC Comics has just unveiled this preview image for this summer's alternate universe Flash megaseries Flashpoint. Along with Cyborg being Earth's foremost defender and Aquaman and Wonder Woman going to war in Europe, a lot of other craziness is unfolding.


The first issue of Flashpoint hits stands tomorrow. Here are our guesses as to what's going on (starting clockwise from the upper left):

- Abin Sur has been confirmed as Earth's Green Lantern during Flashpoint, and it looks like the Manhunters are back on the scene.

- Barry Allen tries to team up with Batman, who in this reality throws entire utility belts at people.

- Gorilla Grodd's giving off the Sinestro vibe. Or he has serious eye boogers.

- Wonder Woman is a warlord and/or this reality's greatest Mad Max cosplayer.

- The Flash and Green Arrow have a nasty misunderstanding. Green Arrow is seemingly firing arrowheads out of his codpiece.

- Shade the Changing Man! I bet he runs the JLA with Black Orchid and Prez.

- Charlie Jane thinks Doctor Phosphorus runs a commune. I think he maintains professional albeit cordial office relationships with his see-through coworkers.


- Two-Face is some sort of cosmic baby.

- Frankenstein's Monster and Sergeant Rock have teamed up to bring Weird War Tales back from the dead.


- Aquaman hates Paris. It's okay, Aquaman. Nobody likes you either.


Ex. President Mack41

I'm just getting into comic books and am thinking of getting this tomorrow. Will I be completely lost not knowing any ongoing plot lines?