What Post-Apocalyptic Worlds Look Like in Movies

It’s always nice (in a totally twisted way) to remind yourself of how bad things in the world could get by watching movies set in a post-apocalyptic future. They’re always desolate and grim, lonely and uninviting, terribly sad and just plain awful places to live. I mean, seeing the last fictional characters on Earth trudge along a dead planet makes real life slightly more manageable. I think.


Bora Barroso edited together clips of various post-apocalyptic worlds from movies like Mad Max: Fury Road, The Road, I Am Legend, and others, to show how dark our imagination of the future can get. Each movie has its own interpretation of what life looks like after the apocalypse (wastelands, ruined cities, war scorched countries, etc.) and they’re all bleak as hell.


[Bora Barroso via Film School Rejects]

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OK here is what makes me cranky...if you are going to contrast and compare do it over a wide range of films, decades, visions... They took a few examples from very recent films and showed clips from the same handful of movies (though yes, some of MY listed examples are made for TV movies, they are still film selections). Stretch it all out a bit for variety. How about: Testament, The Quiet Earth, previous entries in the Mad Max story, The Last Man On Earth, The Day After, Night Of The Comet, Threads, etc.?