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What Should Elon Musk Name His Tunneling Machine?

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

Elon Musk, best known for running Tesla and SpaceX, has recently turned his attention back to Earth. Specifically, under the earth: His Boring Company wants to build a tunnel under Los Angeles to alleviate its traffic problem. It’s a bold plan, and details are still relatively scarce.


But more crucially than mundane details like “permits” or “whether it’ll actually work,” his tunneling machine doesn’t even have a name. Elon thus took to Twitter last night to ponder some suggestions. So far, he is not going down the right path:



No fear, though, Elon: We’ve got you covered. We’ve come up with a good list of names for your crazy tunneling machine.

1. The Dirt Disturber

2. The Metal Mole

3. The Iron Snout

4. Musktron

5. Rocketworm

6. Mr. Pointy Man

7. Mrs. Pointy Man

8. Brrrrrrrrzzzttttttt Machine

9. Prong

10. Earthmurderer

11. Digby

12. Dril

13. The Big Dirty Dig Boy

14. Drilling Daddy

15. Hell Beast

16. Diglett

17. Elon Musk’s Tunneling Machine

18. That Which Seeks Its Prey Underneath The Black Earth

19. Bloodharvester

20. Gorgon

21. Jerry

You can mail the check whenever in the next few weeks is good for you. And if any of our readers have any suggestions, please, leave them in the comments.


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