What the Hell Is This Unidentified Flying Object?

Gizmodo reader Gavin Heffernan just finished this really beautiful day and night time lapse of Death Valley's dunes. "Though we almost froze, we got some amazing stars, geminid meteors, star trails, planets, and even a UFO," he says:

The "UFO" appears at (1:30-1:35) and makes three broad circular sweeps over the desert. Though in timelapse it appears to be moving fast, consider the 5 seconds = about 50 minutes, so it's creeping. Closer picture below. It can also be seen cutting through the circular star trails in the shot used above!


Now, like Agent Fox Mulder says, UFO means Unidentified Flying Object, not a spaceship full of little green men. Can you help Gavin identify this flying object?

I'm sure that many of the deniers of the Moon landings will give him some awesome answers! The truth is out there, right? RIGHT?

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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

I'm afraid you've been trolled. It's just an airplane and this guy sent you his video to self promote his video in the hopes you will post this thinking it's a UFO.