What the Hell Is Under This TV Reporter's Dress?

In the heat of discussing the super hot Facebook IPO, these Bloomberg TV reporters suffer some technical difficulties. What the hell is that thing under reporter Sara Eisen's dress? Skip 22 seconds in and help us solve the mystery.

The segment had already started off disastrously before the wardrobe malfunction exposed a weird black object under Sara Eisen's dress as she sits at her desk. Eisen's counterpart who opens the segment had been completely inaudible, which may be the reason that the camera abruptly cuts to Eisen when she's unprepared. Eisen quickly covers up, and recovers quite gracefully. We would have fainted.

Illustration for article titled What the Hell Is Under This TV Reporters Dress?

But seriously, what is that thing?

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Ivan Karpenko

Oh wow. Shes packing!! That's a concealed weapon (Personal GUN)

I made a traffic stop on an elderly lady the other day speeding on US 166 Eastbound at mile marker 73 just east of Sedan, KS. I asked her for driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance. The lady took out the required information and handed it to me. In with the cards I was somewhat surprised (due to her advanced age) to see she had a concealed carry permit. I looked at her and asked if she had a weapon in her possession at this time.

She responded that she indeed had a .45 automatic in her glove box. Something (body language or the way she said it) made me want to ask if she had any other firearms. She did admit to also having a 9mm Glock in her center console. Now I had to ask one more time if that was all. She responded again that she did have one more, a .38 special in her purse. I then asked her what she was afraid of. She looked me right in the eye and said, "Not a damn thing !!!!".

Seniors....don’t mess with them. They didn’t get old by being stupid.