What the Same Train Ride Looked Like in 1953, 1983 and 2013

We're all alive right now to know what 2013 is like. Some of us can tell stories about life 30 years ago. But most of us have no clue what life was like 60 years ago. This fantastic video by the BBC compares that whole timespan. It shows the same exact train ride filmed in 1953, 1983 and 2013, to reveal the difference of 60 years.


This project first started when BBC filmed a train ride from London to Brighton in 1953. BBC did it again 30 years later in 1983 and is completing the trifecta 30 years after that for 2013. It's easy to spot some differences: the train station has obviously modernized over the years, there are boring digital signs now, train conductors dress differently, stations have been eliminated and there are more trees surrounding the tracks.

But what's more impressive is how much of the ride has stayed the same. 60 years ago, the trip from London to Brighton took an hour non-stop. Now? 52 minutes (with two stops). 60 years is a long time but apparently not too long. [BBC via PetaPixel]

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If anything I wish the video were slowed down. It's hard to view three perspectives when sped up that much.