What Time (Other Than Now) Would You Most Want To Live In?

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Quick! You have a time machine with just enough juice for one more trip, so when do you set it for? Pick a date and stick by it, 'cause this ticket only takes you one-way.


Unfortunately, there's not time to do any research, and it's very unlikely that your smartphone's search functions will still be working on your arrival, so you're limited to just the knowledge that you already have.

So, do you pick a day from the recent past, banking that your command of modern history is good enough to get you through? Maybe you go far, far back to try something completely and truly different? Or do you roll the dice on a date from your future, knowing that the changes could be either for the worse or the better.

Tell us what you would do — and why — in the comments now.

Image: El Secretario.


Pie 'oh' Pah

It wasn't perfect, but I had fun. Big hair, pop music variety, modern convenience, but with no proliferation of cell phones.

yeah....yeah...yeah...save your breath, I'm old :)