What We Still Need on Blu-ray (And What Should Never Go HD)

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Some movies seems made specifically for Blu-ray's abilities. Some just don't get anything out of hi-def. So why is Hollywood so completely unable to tell the difference between the two? Let's pull it together, studios. For all our sakes.


Take a look at your Blu-ray library for a minute. See anything missing? If not, you're not looking hard enough. Because for every high-def release of The Proposal that Hollywood shoves out the door, a Raiders of the Lost Ark stays on the shelf. Right now, whether it's a rights issue or a matter of strategic timing, a team of highly qualified artists and technicians are putting the finishing touches on Cheaper By the Dozen 2's Blu-ray release instead of dreaming up interactive features for Alien.


That's just scratching the surface. Right now on Amazon you can buy a 20th Century Fox Blu-ray bundle of three genuinely funny comedies—Napoleon Dynamite, Office Space and Young Frankenstein—that have nothing in common other than being completely unnecessary to watch in high-def. You know what three movies Fox hasn't put on Blu-ray at all? A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

This shouldn't be so hard, Hollywood. Whatever problems you're working through right now, get it figured out. You've only got like 2.5 more years before broadband puts the whole Blu-ray concept completely out of business. To help get you started, here's a list of 20 movies we need right now, and 10 that you should pass on altogether, before you waste any more time.

20 Movies That Should Be on Blu-ray

And 10 That Really Shouldn't

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I've read some articles as to how they mess up some animated films like classic Disney movies when transfered on to Blu-Ray. They completely mess up the colors. I don't remember if it was on purpose or not but unless you clearly remember the originals you wouldn't notice.

Here's an example from Sleeping Beauty (top is DVD, bottom HD): [www.cartoonbrew.com]

Full article can be found here: [www.cartoonbrew.com]