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What We Want From Star Trek 3

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Today, Star Trek 3 director Roberto Orci announced that the next Trek movie would take in deep space, news that made our hearts flutter. Here's what else you've said you'd like to see in the Chris Pine-iest timeline.

Dwight Sora made a simple wishlist:

What I would like, but will probably not get.

1) An alien planet we've never seen before

2) An alien lifeform we've never seen before

3) An alien civilization we've never seen before

4) Our main characters thinking their way out of situations

5) Reasonable attention to scientific fact (Not expecting 2001 or Gravity, but at least something).

6) Action scenes that further the story and reveal character, and are not gratuitous

7) No time travel

Sean Kelley echoed that sentiment, noting that what made the original Star Trek exciting was exploring new worlds, not retreading old stories:

I worry sometimes when Orci, or Abrams or whoever talks about honoring Star Trek, what they really mean is they'll toss fans a few bones (Hey look it's Khan! Oh my god, is that a Tribble?!?!) so they can get away with moving their franchise further away from the spirit of the original series to pull in a "broader audience." I also don't think they realize that alot of fans WANT them to do something new. Like, we've SEEN Khan. We've SEEN the Klingons. Honor the spirt of ToS, but show us a NEW adventure. I'm actually encouraged that they're saying the next movie is going to take place in deep space, but I'm still very, very cautious. Especially since Star Trek Into Darkness.


Meanwhile, Cool_Breeze tried to figure out what the next story would be based on current Trek trends:

Well, if it's going to be deep space, that *hopefully* takes Voyage Home out of the equation.

They can't (shouldn't) do a Search for Spock style story, because no one was shot into space and the Genesis program hasn't been touched upon yet, other than Kahn's blood bringing Kirk back.

If they are set on following the original series of movies, that leaves The Motion Picture, Final Frontier, and Undiscovered Country.

I doubt they will do a Motion Picture style story, because there isn't enough LOUD and EXPLOSIONS and SKIN for a modern audience. Believe me, I and a lot of people would prefer something like this. I don't think the studio would go for it today, though, without the Original Series of TV shows to support it.

Re Final Frontier, maybe I can see it happening, but it seems like a close cousin to Into Darkness (crazy dude with big plans). It DOES take place in the deepest of space, though.

I doubt they'll do Undiscovered Country, because they did the homeworld impact theme in 2009 (Vulcan and Romulus).

He did say NEW aliens. I can't recall if 2009 Trek established that Romulans were unknown to Starfleet, or just not well known. Possibly the Romulans take advantage of Vulcan being destroyed and Starfleet's conflict with the Klingons to make a move on New Vulcan. Is it established WHERE New Vulcan is?

My bet: Continuing the theme from Into Darkness, skirmishes with Klingons in deep space brings the Federation on the brink of war with the Klingons. Some new aliens are introduced, and threaten a Klingon base/station. The Enterprise intervenes and saves the Klingons, leading to peace talks. Therefore, it's all met: LOUD, EXPLOSIONS, new aliens, and deep space.


Those of you who haven't chimed in yet, what's your wish for Star Trek 3? What kind of story do you hope it will tell?