What Would Happen If We Tried to "Play" This NES Emulator Cartridge Casemod?

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Finally, an NES cartridge casemod I can get behind without weeping uncontrollably. This one houses a complete library of NES games, uses the original buttons, and hides inside the Super Mario/Duck Hunt combo cartridge. But wait, there's more:

There's also an mp3 player, movie player and an FM radio receiver. The video out is also intact, meaning this little guy can be used to play on the big screen.


Games in action below:

To answer your question, yes, this mod is very similar to one we've featured before. This one is cleaner, boasts more features, and plays Game Boy games too, so it gets the nod today. Nice work.


Oh, and the answer to the headline question, by the way, is unicorns. They would exist. [Ben Heck Forums via technabob]

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Its shocking to see someone play Super Mario Bros without holding down the run button. He kept backing up to get enough speed to jump over the holes or the pipes, its like he hasn't played the game much and doesn't even know you can run.