What would Jeffster do with the power of the Intersect?

Now that Morgan has uploaded the Intersect into his brain, some of the other Chuck stars think their characters should get a piece of the superpowered action, and argue why they should (or should not) get the Intersect.


At Comic-Con, actors Scott Krinsky and Vik Sahay, who play Jeff Barnes and Lester Patel (collectively known as the cover band Jeffster!), offered their thoughts on what Jeffster might do with the Intersect, the super spy computer that imbues its hosts with incredible abilities:

Vik Sahay: I think it would be a lot about landing a woman for Lester. I think he would get the power of seduction and dirtiness, and he would use that and burn the neighborhood down.

And would they try to use their powers for good?

Sahay: I think it would be many years before they would do something positive.

Scott Krinsky: You don't want to put a lot of responsibility in Jeff's hands.

Sahay: I think he would burn himself down.

But that doesn't mean the pair wouldn't use the Intersect as a chance to get out of the house store:

Krinsky: Maybe they'd — I don't know — go on a world tour or something. Go on a vacation. Because they've been stuck in the Buy More for years now. They just really need to live it up and go explore.

Could we please get a Jeffster spinoff where they each get half the Intersect and spend their world tour trying to remember which of them has which powers?

Ryan McPartlin thinks that his character, Captain Awesome, is a natural fit for the Intersect. He's already got the superhero name, why not a superhero spinoff?

Well, let's start with the fact that the Intersect has been taken away from Morgan and put into Captain Awesome. And then maybe Baby Clara as well, because the Awesome family could become like The Incredibles. And then that's the show. That's the spinoff.


Chuck co-creator Chris Fedak nodded his approval. "It sounds like a lot of fun to me. Let's do it. Done.

Adam Baldwin doesn't want to see the Intersect, but mainly because the bearer of the Intersect has such a demanding shooting schedule:

No, because once you do that, your schedule increases, and you've got to be there from seven in the morning until nine at night, five days a week. That's a younger...younger guys do that.




Really, io9? Putting a spoiler like that IN THE FIRST LINE? ON THE FRONT PAGE?!