What Your 2009-2010 Network TV Will Look Like

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Get prepared to set your long-range TiVos. Now that the networks have all announced their new line-ups, we've got the rundown of where all your favorite (and soon-to-be-favorite) shows will be next season.


Mondays stay their relatively lowkey selves with the new schedule and, if anything, become even more quiet for SFTV; Heroes and Chuck, both on reduced seasons, end up sharing the 8pm timeslot on NBC (Heroes' 19 episode fourth season goes first, with Chuck's 13 episode third season replacing it in the spring of 2010), with Heroes and Lost alum Jesse Alexander's new show Day One taking up the 9pm timeslot on NBC in 2010. Otherwise, it's a light night, although honorary io9 shows House on Fox and The Big Bang Theory on CBS keep on keeping on (Although BBT is being moved to 9:30pm).

Feel free to go outside or catch up on some cable shows on Tuesdays; Fringe has been moved away from its original timeslot, and until Fox premieres reincarnation crime procedural Past Life in its former 9pm slot midseason, there's almost nothing to see here (The exception being ABC's Better Off Ted, which will start its new 9:30pm slot as soon as Dancing With The Stars finishes). Move along.

Just like Tuesday, we're grasping at straws here until midseason, when new Fox drama Human Target will premiere at 9pm (It'll be replacing Glee, which I shamefully have to admit having loved the preview of last week. Don't judge me). Of possible interest: ABC's Eastwick, which adapts (and, more than likely, homogenizes) the John Updike novel/Jack Nicholson movie The Witches of Eastwick, may turn out to be more interesting than the "Desperate Housewives meets Bewitched" show I'm dreading. Not currently scheduled, but almost certainly on Wednesdays in spring 2010, the final season of Lost.

Okay, this is the night to be thankful for TiVo, or else to make some hard choices as to what to watch and what to torrent Hulu later. ABC's new Flash Forward will air Thursdays at 8pm, which is the same timeslot as the CW's equally-new-but-probably-less-good Vampire Diaries and the not-SF-but-kinda fifth season of Bones on Fox (Also, not SF at all but still potentially worth watching at 8pm: NBC are doing more SNL Weekend Update Thursday). 9pm, you'll have to choose between Fringe in its new timeslot on Fox or Supernatural in its old timeslot on the CW; Annalee's head may explode, but this is one of those occasions where my love of multiverse stories makes a choice surprisingly easy (Sorry, Winchester Bros.).

With more networks pushing more "hit" shows to Friday, I can't quite tell if that means that the old "Friday is where shows go to die" school of thinking is over, or that networks are trying to kill off some shows quietly (Hi, Ugly Betty!). There're only a couple of shows in our target demographic here, though; Smallville takes up residence for its please-God-final season at 8pm on the CW, while Dollhouse starts all over again in its old timeslot, and we keep fingers crossed that (a) it has a stronger start to the season than last time, and (b) more people tune in live this time (Seriously, DVD sales and Hulu views aren't going to keep this thing alive for a third season, people).

Both nights are incredibly quiet, especially following this summer's burning of remaining episodes of shows we love (Don't forget, Pushing Daisies' final three episodes begin May 30th at 10pm on ABC, and Kings is back on Saturdays next month), but we're hopeful that that'll change as various shows begin to become so unpopular that they get dumped there. Call us cynical, but we'd rather just say realistic...


Still Unscheduled
We know that ABC's V remake is a go, but it's not been given a home yet; looking at the schedules that've been announced, there's theoretically space for it on Mondays following the end of Dancing With The Stars, but somehow I'm not sure that the network would really want to pair it with The Bachelor... Perhaps they're waiting to find out when Lost is returning, to make an Elizabeth Mitchell one-two punch, or perhaps details are still being worked out about exactly how the rebooted V will work (We've heard rumors of a six episode season, a thirteen episode season and a full season so far, after all). Wherever it ends up, I wouldn't expect to see it until midseason at this point.



Graeme, I loved Glee, too!