What's The Most Hours You've Ever Watched Something In One Sitting?

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Some people watch a TV show or movie series for a few hours, and call it a marathon. WIMPS. A real marathon lasts 20 hours, with out sleep breaks and only minimal bathroom breaks. What's the longest marathon you've ever had, and what were you watching?


Please include a picture, poster, clip, DVD cover or other representation of the thing you watched until you passed out. And please mention the name (in words, not just images), and how long you watched it for. And what made you finally stop. Thanks!

Top image: I think Annalee and I once watched Supernatural for about 12 hours straight, when we were getting caught up on the show. Nowadays, watching Supernatural is kind of like hanging out with that one friend who tells the same stories every time you see her, and you kind of know what she's going to say before she says it, but she still makes you laugh sometimes. I still haven't gotten around to recapping the Supernatural midseason finale, which was adequate television but did nothing to make me excited about the show's return in January. But the first five seasons of that show were compulsive, amazing viewing, and there was no way that you would choose to go to sleep at a semi-reasonable hour, or even a totally bonkers hour, if there were still episodes that you hadn't seen yet.



The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition movie marathon.

Couple that with The Hobbit trilogy movie marathon and we are at serious risk of permanently melding with the couch.