Whedon: Dollhouse Is Definitely Over

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The last episode of troubled drama Dollhouse is definitely the end of the story, according to creator Joss Whedon. He's confirmed that there's no chance of continuing it in other media, and explained why (Not necessarily what you think).

Talking to Comic Book Resources, Whedon seemed resigned to the show's cancellation, as well as the role he played in taking it to that point:

The only regrets I have about it are the things I didn't do right. 26 hours of television is a lot of time to tell story, and everybody involved was great. I just look back and go, 'I wish I had figured some things out a little earlier.' But that's all the time I have for regret. It is what it is.


He also finally answered rumors about the possibility of a Dollhouse comic:

I don't think it's a comic. It's a TV show...apparently not a Fox show, but it is a TV show. There are themes in it and ideas that could work in a comic, but for me to spend the amount of time it would take keeping the comic true to what's already out there when I'm already doing that with 'Buffy' would be a ridiculous waste of my time. And ultimately that would net me a piece of something that belongs to Fox. It just makes no sense to do a comic with 'Dollhouse.' I don't get it, and I'm not sure I'd read it.


Instead, Whedon plans to create new comic properties, he says, as well as continue Buffy at Dark Horse. But, come on. I can't be the only one who gave a little cheer about the "that would net me a piece of something that belongs to Fox," right?

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