Amazon's EC2 cloud storage service had some problems while we were all sleeping last night (Read: IT CRASHED), causing a few websites we've come to know and love to take a brief nap (Read: THEY CRASHED).

EC2 is Amazon's scalable data center, which lets companies pay for more server storage and bandwidth on the fly, as they need it, which is especially useful for young, rapidly expanding companies who can't afford to manage their own servers. But when things like this happen, resolving the problem isn't entirely in their control. Affected in this whole mess are/were sites, apps and services such as Foursquare, Reddit, Cydia, Discovr and Scvngr.


And following in the footsteps of Gmail and Tumblr in their recent mishaps, those of us who use the cloud for personal stoarge should not live in fear, but merely remind ourselves that it's good to keep your things stored locally too. [AllThingsD]

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