When Will Apple Integrate These Pico Projectors It Just Patented?

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So is this why Apple picked up ApplePico.com last week? They've just patented a bit of Pico projector technology and could potentially put them in everything.

As you can see from the patent illustration above, Apple could integrate the mini-projectors into future phone, tablet and laptop peripherals, creating what they describe as a "shared projected workspace"

The shared workspace may include two or more projected displays, each generated by a separate electronic device. Images may be transferred between the projected displays within the shared workspace.


What's more, these devices would be able to recognize gestures and share simultaneously projected data—meaning if you project two images onto a wall using separate projectors, you'd be able to transfer the image files between the devices. Granted, this is very cool and all but patents don't, unfortunately, automatically translate to new product. [Patently Apple via 9to5Mac]