Where Are All The Girls On Google+?

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Ok ladies, 'fess up. Why are you not joining Google+? It's fun, it's new and it really, really needs a feminine touch.


According to information from Google+ stat trackers SocialStatistics and FindPeopleOnPlus, the new social network is dominated by men. And it's not even close — up to 86.8% of all Google+ users are male. This distribution is much different from Facebook which has a 50/50 split of male and female users.

So girls, it's time to break away from the comfort of your Facebook friends and venture into the wild west of a Google-sponsored social network. Trust me, it'll be fun.[ Mashable; Shutterstock/vectomart]

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Google+ started out at Google among Google employees who skew geek male. They in turn sent out invites to more geeks, mostly males. So, it initially seeded as largely male. Contrast this with Facebook which was deliberately targeted at women for the specific purpose of getting the geeks laid.

Second, it's a little creepy when women get Google+ "added to circle" notifications from males that they don't know. For me, I got one from a guy, who once I added to my "People I only know because they sent me Plus notifications" circle, proceeded to post slightly creepy pictures of young children with captions like, "Aren't they adorable?", yet there was no indication in his profile that he himself had any children. Shudder. Dropped from circle. Make note to self to closely check what public postings I've made.

Finally, and this is coupled with the second item, there is no way to change the circles that can see your post once you've posted it. So, if you've accidentally made the post public or allowed the creepy guy who sends you pictures of children to see them, you can't change the circles that see the post, you have to delete the whole post and re-add. This really needs to change.

What's fascinating about the "some guy I don't know added me to his circle" complaints is that this can happen with facebook too but it's not as blatant. There's nothing to stop a person from looking at any public parts of your Facebook just as they can look at your public Google+. It's just now you KNOW about it, which makes it a little disconcerting.