Where Do You Upload Your Photos on the Internet?

I know. For most people it's Facebook. Go out, get drunk, snap pics, upload, tag friends, Like. Repeat. Everybody does this. But I don't want this. Flickr was a solution once upon a time but Flickr is, um, not what it used to be. How about Picasa? Something else?


The reason I'm avoiding Facebook is because I don't want social prying eyes all over my photographs and I want the original picture file online. I want to be able to upload every single one of my pictures at full resolution (so it acts as an online backup) and make every picture completely private (save for a few family members). Basically, I want to move my pictures folder to the Internet. How are Picasa fans enjoying Picasa after its been put in an arranged marriage with Google+? (I do not want to use Google+). How are Flickr fans feeling? Abandoned? Let us know what you think about cloud photo services and which one is best below.

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