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Where Star Wars Got Its Pew-Pew

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

For anyone who's ever taken the a stormtrooper's laser blasts or the roar of the Millennium Falcon's engine for granted, you should watch this immediately.

Once you wade past the initial promo for The Sounds of Star Wars—a book that I'm sure is excellent in its own right but isn't right here in front of you—you get to the goods: an account from sound designer Ben Burtt of how, and especially where, he created all of those glorious noises that make up the Star Wars universe. And then back to the book promo, which, again, fine.


It's a tidy taste of aural history, the behind the scenes stuff that helps you appreciate what you see on the screen all the more. Now all I want to know is how they made Harrison Ford's voice so damn rugged, and kept it that way. [Amazon, Buzzfeed]