Three months ago, Netflix announced they were adding the entirety of Saturday Night Live to Watch Instantly. They've finally (almost) done it! Splitsider's put together a handy guide to which of those 700 episodes belongs in your queue right now.

I say almost because Netflix (or SNL, or both) is still dragging its feet on seasons 26-30. But what you're really going to want is the older stuff anyway. Like season 2, episode 15, the first to be nominated for an Emmy and win. Or season 14, episode 13, when Wayne's World made its first appearance. Or motivational speaker Matt Foley's debut in season 18, episode 19.


The guide is broken up into four categories: Historic Episodes, Notable Hosts, Recurring Characters, and Memorable Moments. And while some personal favorites might not have made the cut, it's an essential starting point for the SNL fan who just had the complete fossil record dumped into his lap. [Splitsider]

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