Where to Sell Your Old iPhone 4 for the Most Money (Updated)

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Now that the iPhone 4S is out, I'm disgusted by the mere sight of my stone-aged iPhone 4. Ugh. But it's not worthless: If you took good care of your iPhone it could fetch some bills on the secondary market.

People like buying other people's iPhones because they don't have to lock themselves into those lengthy obligatory contracts to get a good deal. So even though you've totally had it with your iPhone 4—someone out there is dying to get their mitts on yours. Here's a breakdown on you could get for a 16GB iPhone 4 today.


How much: $300(ish)
How to do it: You've got two options on the world's largest auction block: Either offer to sell it now for $300 or try your luck at auctions which mostly close in the high-$200 range. Some close above $300 if the iPhones are already jailbroken or come with additional swag. This is definitely the best option if you're willing to expend the effort to deal with a buyer.


InstantSale, Gazelle, NextWorth

How much: $85-$221
How to do it: If you hate interacting with other people, sites that allow you to cash in your device are super-convenient and offer pretty good deals. Just send in your phone and the companies credit you after inspecting it. Before selling you're going to want to check all of the sites. Prices fluctuate so you want to see who has the best price for whatever condition your phone is in.

When we checked it out eBay's InstantSale had the best offer—$221—for an iPhone in good condition. NextWorth and Gazelle were both offering $200 for a flawless phone. And if you've got a clunker that won't even turn on, you can still get $85 from Gazelle.


How much: $150-???
How to do it: Getting past the anarchic mess of scammers and spammers on Craigslist is all about patience. Looking at the listings on your local Craigslist site, you'll see everything bargain-bin broken iPhones to naive newbies who are trying to sell phones in "excellent condition" for $450. It'll take you a while to suss out what the best price is—and what's worth waiting around for. I listed mine for $400 and still haven't heard anything back. But you like to play the waiting game, there's probably some extra dollars to be made from people who like dealing face-to-face.



Wow you guys are really really good at making money. No wonder you can afford an iPhone every time a new one comes out! We loved your ideas as well as hearing about how you got a much much better deal when you sold your iPhone than we did. This update is dedicated to your ingenuity.




How much: $262 Trade/Credit (current)
How to do it
Go to Amazon's trade-in store where they're offering cold hard Amazon gift cards for your outmoded iPhone 4. You can buy anything with Amazon cash. It's practically its own currency.

Radio Shack

How much: $200 trade
How to do it
Can't wait? If you're by your local RadioShack and you haven't upgraded to the iPhone 4S, consider Radio Shack's Trade and Save program—they'll give you $200 trade for your iPhone 4.



How much: $189
How to do it
BuyMyTronics functions much like InstantSale, NextWorth, and Gazelle. Worth a look if you're going the instant sale route.


Side note: I had no idea there were so many enterprises scattered about the internet devoted only to the function of buying your unwanted gadgets for cash. Holy smokes! I can't personally vouch for any of them, and I'd feel wrong endorsing any single one—let's just say they have awesome names like "SellMeYourDarnPhone.com" "UnloadYouGearForCash.org." Many of them promise good prices, and I'm sure there's many dealz to be had.