No need to sit at home biting your nails come 1PM EDT/10AM PDT, because Apple's given us an nice little surprise in the form of a livestream for today's big iPad unveiling.

If you're the proud owner of an Apple TV, you should have gotten an update pushed to your device sometime this morning in the form of a new Apple Special Events icon on your homescreen. But the Apple TV-less need not fret; you can also watch the action unfold over at Apple's Event page here. But you're going to need to be using Safari 4 or later for the livestream to actually function.


Lastly, any iOS devices running versions 4.2 or later will also be compatible with the stream—so you've got yourself quite a few options. Of course, you'll also want to check out Gizmodo's very own liveblog (starting at 12PM EDT/10AM PDT) for some realtime analysis and coverage. And a merry iPad Day to you all.

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