Which Classic Movies Have You Never Seen?

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I have a confession to make: I've never seen The Shining. I'm a huge Kubrick fan, and I know from the famous stills and tributes that it's a wonderful work of art. But I've never seen it, and I don't know why. This sort of thing happens to everyone, though, right?


This topic's been on my mind a lot lately because of Popcorn Time, the incredibly incredible app of questionable legality that will stream any movie you want immediately. It's like a leap forward in evolution. Remember going to Blockbuster and stumbling through the aisles looking for the most interesting-looking VHS tape? Now you can watch practically any movie you want from the cushy comfort of your couch with about three clicks of a mouse. You can even watch torrents on your phone. Incredible!

But therein lies the rub. I've been using Popcorn Time for weeks (please don't arrest me) and I already get the Netflix stare. You know the one, the one where you just stare at a sea of movie posters unable to decide which movies you'd like to watch—or rewatch. What the hell am I thinking? That time I spend frozen by the Netflix stare is time that I could spend watching The Shining or Metropolis or Citizen Kane or any other classic movie I haven't seen. It's practically embarrassing that I end up watching bad movies instead.

So fess up. Which classic movies have you embarrassingly never seen?



I've never watched that shitty 70s cult flick the Rocky Horror Picture Show all the way through, does that count?