Which Classic Movies Have You Never Seen?

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I have a confession to make: I've never seen The Shining. I'm a huge Kubrick fan, and I know from the famous stills and tributes that it's a wonderful work of art. But I've never seen it, and I don't know why. This sort of thing happens to everyone, though, right?

This topic's been on my mind a lot lately because of Popcorn Time, the incredibly incredible app of questionable legality that will stream any movie you want immediately. It's like a leap forward in evolution. Remember going to Blockbuster and stumbling through the aisles looking for the most interesting-looking VHS tape? Now you can watch practically any movie you want from the cushy comfort of your couch with about three clicks of a mouse. You can even watch torrents on your phone. Incredible!

But therein lies the rub. I've been using Popcorn Time for weeks (please don't arrest me) and I already get the Netflix stare. You know the one, the one where you just stare at a sea of movie posters unable to decide which movies you'd like to watch—or rewatch. What the hell am I thinking? That time I spend frozen by the Netflix stare is time that I could spend watching The Shining or Metropolis or Citizen Kane or any other classic movie I haven't seen. It's practically embarrassing that I end up watching bad movies instead.


So fess up. Which classic movies have you embarrassingly never seen?