You Can Now Get Popcorn Time--the Netflix of Torrents--on Your iPhone

Despite rumors of its demise, Popcorn Time is alive and thriving. So much so that you can now install the torrent surfing app on your iPhone. Of course, you'll have to jailbreak it first.

Popcorn Time for iOS arrives as demand for the possibly illegal service continues to soar. The developers behind the app say that some 8,000 iOS users try to download and install the Android version every day. Clearly, that doesn't work, so they built an iOS app and actually tried to list it in the App Store. Clearly, Apple wasn't interested in endorsing an app that makes it easy to find and watch illegal torrents, so the Popcorn Time developers took the jailbreaking route and also posted the source code. They're even helping people jailbreak their phones, so that they can install Popcorn Time. You'll have to have iOS 7 to install it, since the iOS 8 jailbreak isn't available yet.

That's not all. Despite being banished from Github and apparently approached by authorities, the makers of Popcorn Time continue to update their desktop app and now offer VPN support so users can watch pirated movies anonymously. They plan to bring this feature to the mobile app, as well, so long as they don't get totally shut down first. [TechCrunch]

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"possibly illegal?"