Which Expanded Universe Is Most Unnecessary?

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As everyone knows, you can't have a franchise without licensed spin-offs these days, even if no-one demanded them. But which Expanded Universe is a book/comic book/videogame too far? You decide!

The father of all Expanded Universes has to be Star Wars, of course; with television shows, books, videogames, toys, comic books and all manner of other material needing to be fed, the six movies have been spun out to literally thousands of years' worth of material to choose from, including multiple rises and falls of the Jedi. Close behind is Star Trek, which has makes up for staying close to television/movie canon with the sheer amount of novelizations and comic books to spin out from it. Everything else - Battlestar Galactica, which had spin-off books and comics, similar to Stargate, Jericho and Buffy, amongst many others - seems miniscule in comparison, with the potential exception of the Aliens and Predator cosmologies, because Aliens Vs. Predator started life as a comic spin-off before it turned into a movie franchise. But is that an exception, a valuable and worthwhile EU? Do Star Wars' Legacy, The Old Republic and suchlike have life beyond cash-ins? Do Lost's ARGs and webisodes give answers to the show's questions? Did anyone appreciate the Battlestar Galactica spin-offs? We want you to tell us which Expanded Universe feels like the biggest waste of effort from everyone involved.


Poll closes next Sunday.