Which Mutineer Or Traitor Actually Had A Valid Point?

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Nobody likes a turncoat. When somebody abandons their friends and becomes an enemy, we always assume they're a monster. But what if they're right? Which characters from science fiction and fantasy had good reasons to betray or abandon their comrades?


Please include a picture, poster, clip, book cover, comics panel, or some other illustration of your justified traitor. And please mention his/her name, where he/she appears, the nature of the betrayal, and why it was justified. Thanks!

Top image: Felix Gaeta on BSG. The fact is, the senior officers on Galactica had started acting with zero accountability a long time earlier, and were making up the rules as they went along. Lee Adama even says it during Baltar's trial — they're a gang rather than a civilization. And that alliance with some of the Cylons, who butchered the human race, happened awfully quickly and without a lot of deliberation. So even if Gaeta may have been proved wrong in the end, he had a very valid point.



I used to give him crap, but really, what choice did he have?

He wasn't expecting Han, and Han brought the Empire down on his head. Vader threatened the city he ran with all of the innocent civilians therein, promised that his friends would be okay once they had captured Skywalker if they stayed in Cloud City, and then the Empire would leave them all alone.

It was really bad hand he got dealt and he handled it the best he could.