Which PSPgo Color Do You Prefer?

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That's the question Sony posed in one of their infamous, leak-laden surveys on the device, according to Destructoid.


Note that Piano Black and Pearl White have both already been released, but there are a slew of others that the company is at least considering putting on shelves. I'm remiss that there's no Fireball Orange option. That Bright Yellow just isn't getting it done for me. [Destructoid via Kotaku]



Ill take piano black. Black is classic. The coral looks tacky.

Bright red screams 'steal me' when its accidentally left in the car. Ocean blue looks cheap.

Pearl white is okay but my fat sausage fingers will smudge it.

Turquoise - lol

As for pink, I can off hand count 6 people i know who would love it in pink. ( one of them will marry it if it was pink and had Hello Kitty on it)

It says at the end to send email to Mark Wilson? Do i email him which color i like? #pspgo