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Which Tech Features Aren't Worth Your Money?

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The NYT's got a dandy writeup of seven tech perks that you should eschew in favor of saved cash: oversized megapixelage, pointlessly fast CPUs, and as our dear Matt Buchanan hits, unneeded TV screen size. But how do you skimp?


I agree strongly (like Godzilla squeeze-grip strongly) about CPUs—clock speed stopped mattering a long time ago. And when picking out home theater gear, I try to think longterm—is ponying up extra for a 7.1 channel receiver worth it? Well, will I ever own a 7.1 channel sound system? No. Not in this closet of an apartment I call home. Making the call between future-proofing and frivolousness is important! Foresight like this (and doing your homework) can land you the top tech without wasting dough.

So, what do you skip over when shopping gadgets?

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Abs. Power windows. Adaptive Cruise Control. Adaptive Headlights. 6 gig in-dash storage devices. Air conditioned seats. Heated steering wheels. Night vision projected onto the windshields. Refridgeration units in glove boxes.

The list goes on...