Which Warehouse 13 Star Has A Secret Dark Side?

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Warehouse 13's zippy dialogue and fun chemistry have won us over, like a precious supernatural artifact suddenly rediscovered in the middle of nowhere. We caught up with the show's stars and producer at Comic Con and asked them their secrets.

There may be some minor spoilers here, but nothing that would force you to relocate to a warehouse in the middle of nowhere and sign a stack of NDAs.

We talked to Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly about playing Pete and Myka, the two Secret Service agents who save the president and get carted off to the titular warehouse in the middle of nowhere, and then forced to go hunting for mysterious objects of power. They talk about their chemistry, and whether they'll end up as a couple. (Probably not, at least for now.) But if it happens, it'll be human and believable, like their relationship generally. But for now, Pete is the little brother, pulling on Myka's sleeves. And it's striking how much like their characters they are in person.


So will Pete ever find himself in a situation where his gut instincts are actually wrong? Or where he leaps before he looks, and it turns out to be a mistake? We asked McClintock:

We also talked to Saul Rubinek, who plays Artie, and he promised that we'll see more of Artie's "dark side" later in the season. And he says it's a fun challenge to switch from being the comic relief to being the wise mentor — but he doesn't see a lot of Yoda in his character:


And finally, we talked to producer Jack Kenny, about the show's steampunk design flair and where the ideas for all the weird objects come from. (Wikipedia, mainly.) And how each object represents an opportunity for growth and exploration for the show's main characters: