White House to Press Corp: Are You Happy Now?

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The White House has finally decided how it will handle official photos now that it canned fake photo shoots. From now on, one and only one photographer will document a historic speech as it happens.


The controversy began after the President's historic Osama Bin Laden speech. All the official photos that hit the news media were taken during a staged photo shoot. A small but vocal group of people were outraged and called on Obama to come clean. In response, the White House banned these staged photo shoots and started looking for a replacement.


As a compromise, the White House will hand over the reigns to one lucky photographer who will record the highlights of that particular event. It works out great for everyone except the poor soul stuck taking the pictures. There's no pressure, it's only the entire world relying on you to capture the perfect moment.

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I can see why there might be some controversy around having photos from one event claimed to be from some other event. Is it a huge deal? Not really. Is it dishonest (or at least not factual)? Yes.

The job of the press is to report facts. I'm not so sure only allowing one photographer to do the job will solve the problem, and it also limits the amount of information that will be generated, but I guess it's one way to tackle the issue.