Illustration for article titled Who Cares About a Monopoly When Theres a Game About Making Tacos?

It’s hard to care about how valuable Monopoly properties like Park Place or Boardwalk are once you know that you could instead be spending a lazy afternoon playing a game that has you collecting ingredients to build a delicious taco.


Taco Takeover has up to four players scrambling to fill a faux-taco shell with toppings cards based on what’s listed on their randomly-drawn order. All of the toppings are placed face down on a table as players fight to snatch them up, one at a time, in hopes they’ll find the toppings they need.

There are some gameplay curve balls in the $15 Taco Takeover, though. If a player finds a cockroach card they have to put back all of their toppings and start again. The same goes for an antacid card, except in that case they get to choose another player to dump out their toppings. Because a board game really isn’t fun unless you’re double-crossing your friends, and screwing over your opponents. [Haywire Group via Relevant Dad]


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