BetaBlog says that user Woooooo has more likes (over 9000) and more fans (over 1000) than anyone else on the service. They also quote him spouting absurd things like "'You want to be me? You have to have your own room. DJ Wooooo is a brand.'" So, who the hell is this guy?

Woooooo is apparently has his hands in a startup which develops music apps and is a classically trained pianst. People think he's dating a porn star. And he certainly suffers from no lack of self esteem.

Woooooo is a classically trained pianist, but it was travelling in Milan a few years ago that he fell in love with House music. "As far as song selection goes, it's a delicate mix of popular songs and experimental tracks." Woooooo used his platform to help artists like @Paper_Diamond and @Lazerdisk debut new cuts to the public. "I give them a spot on the DJ booth and they blow people away. Both groups have literally walked away with hundreds if not thousands of new fans because of the viral nature of TT.


There you have it. The most popular man on [BetaBlog]

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