Who On Earth Can Order a $47,000 Solid Gold Penis Enlarger?

A Saudi businessman with a small penis, that's who. According to X4 Labs—a Canadian company that creates this kind of devices—their customer has ordered what may be the most expensive adult sex aid ever, made of pure gold.

The company will use solid gold to create the device, with 40 diamonds and rubies encrusted all across its surface. Hopefully, not in contact with the skin. The order will arrive in October in an armored car, despite it being prohibited to own sexual devices in Saudi Arabia. Happily, this is classified as a "medically certified device" in the US. Sadly, having it made of gold and precious stones won't help his peepee grow any longer. [Digital Journal]

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OK, now there is such a thing as having too much money. Then again, my former business partner says his ex-wife cost him $500,000 and 3" off his penis- I can only vouch for the money.