Who Ships Those 300 Million Holiday Packages, Visualized

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It's the most wonderful time of the year! Or least, if you're in the parcel delivery business. But who exactly is doing the brunt of the shipping this holiday season? Here's how it breaks down.


Volume is actually a boon to the Big Three mailers in the US: UPS, FedEx, and the Postal Service all rake in millions through mid-December. FedEx leads the charge, moving 16 million packages on its busiest day, UPS hires an additional 37,500 workers for the holiday crush, according to the WSJ. As for the USPS, on December 20th they sort through a whopping 800 million pieces of mail on December 20th alone. Many of which, hopefully, contain gift cards addressed to me. [ZenDesk via Laughing Squid]



This doesn't seem like a very good infographic to me. For one thing, the orange text against the green background is a little rough. On top of that, part of the point of an infographic is to visually represent something amazing, and nothing here seems that surprising. It's still kind of neat, though.

Second-of-ly, if they ship 8 million on a normal day, and 223 million in the month leading up to Christmas, that would only be like 7.4 million per day in that stretch, which is less than a typical day. Unless they mean that they ship 223 million a day during that span, in which case it's amazing but poorly conveyed.