Why Airport Security Is Going To Be a Lot More Annoying This Summer

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Five TSA workers have been fired and 38 more have been suspended at the Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers. It's one of the largest disciplinary actions in the 10-year history of the Transportation Security Administration, according to spokesman David Castelveter.

This is very bad news. For you.

For them too, of course, but such a disciplinary action right at the beginning of the summer vacation season means that things are going to get hard for everyone. The reason? The workers were terminated and suspended because a secret, internal investigation showed that they "failed to perform random screenings last year."


According to News-press, Castelveter said that the undercover internal surveillance of the airport's security checkpoints lasted for two months. The investigators found that about 400 passengers were let through without random checks. Castelveter didn't disclose what the typical percentage of passengers that must get random screening on top of the routine searches.

The TSA didn't keep the sanctions quiet, though. They took a megaphone to announce it today after notifying the agents last Friday, which means they want everyone to know. And by "everyone" I mean the agents in other airports. You can be sure that, for the next few months, they are going to be extra-careful and extra-diligent in the application of their random screening measures, as well as any other security procedures.

Let's hope we don't get down to full cavity searches. Or that we have to strip down to our underwear, like that Playboy model in Oklahoma City. Either way, we're definitely in for a bumpy ride. [News-Press]


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Makes no difference to me. I'm Hawaiian, I get stopped "randomly" every time I go through, no matter which airport because I have skin that's dark, but not TOO dark, and am obviously not hispanic, so the average wand monkey singles me out as middle eastern. And, yes, I am always extremely polite and follow all rules to the letter, so it's not my attitude. The first half dozen times was interesting, but when it's every time? Yeah. So if some of the rest of you have to deal with it more often, at least I can pretend to feel a bit more "random".