Why Apple Is Sticking With Intel Chipsets (Probably)

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One of the more eyebrow-raising rumors in the scramble of them about Apple's upcoming MacBooks is that they will switch from Intel chipsets to someone else's. It seemed odd on its face, since Intel and Apple are fairly tight, and there's not a very apparent reason to switch. Jon at Ars lays out a fairly solid case for why Apple is sticking with Intel though.


Namely, Intel's upcoming Nehalem chips would require them to switch right back to Intel, since no one else has the license for their QuickPath interconnect. And the pros for moving to Nvidia (PC Perspective makes a good case why it would be them) are mostly about better graphics performance, ultimately. So this seems to fall in the unlikely column, for now. [Ars]



Sure, Dvorak might have predicted the first Apple chip switch, but no one can top predicting the second only a couple of years later.

If this is true (which I suspect it is not), this might be a brilliant move for Apple. Commodore did amazing things with it's custom chips on the Amiga, and I see no reason why Apple could not do something similar.

I am looking forward to playing the Mac version of the Great Giana Sisters soon.