Glass Multi-touch Trackpads Only Make Sense With Displays Under 'Em

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New Apple notebooks are most certainly coming in the next six to eight weeks, and they will probably have the most extensive design overhauls in years. And the long-fabled MacBook touch might finally appear on the mortal plane. But the best rumor, we think, is that the new MacBooks will have a glass, multi-touch trackpad. But, uh, why is there no mention of a screen or display underneath the glass? Why make a fancy glass trackpad that isn't a multi-touch screen?


The MacBook touch concept, for all its lusty goodness, is really impractical-a multi-touch screen that size will get really tiring, really fast, since it's a lot of ground to cover, and people are lazy, minimizing motion. This is why Blam has been prattering about a touchscreen trackpad for months. Artists could use it to zoom in and directly manipulate images and stuff on the screen (sorta like this). It could display system stats, do Cover Flow, or anything a secondary or touchscreen would be useful for. Or, you know, act like a regular trackpad when you want it to. This is ideal, and would be a logical way to move their multi-touch technology and notebooks forward, together.

On the other hand, the current opaque, plastic trackpads currently on the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro already do multi-touch. So there's no real reason to make it glass if it's an ordinary multi-touchpad, except to revel in its own aesthetic extravagance.



Why the hate people? This would be freakin awesome! Who cares about figuring out the practical uses for it now. If you build it, they will come.... and, you know... program stuff to make it awesome.

Why complain about unnecessary bonuses? As far as I'm concerned, such excessive upgrades are just gravy.

Anyway, knowing Jobs, if he did put a screen under the touchpad, he did it with some awesome uses in mind, which i'm sure he'll enjoy divulging piece by piece while thousands of screaming Mac fans tear their clothes off and rub gnutella all over......

Uh, that is to say, I'm sure Apple could think of interesting ideas for how to make use of a screen touchpad.