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Welcome to this week’s Reading List, your Sunday guide to some of the most interesting science and technology stories on the internet this week. This week, we’ll examine a wartime deception, cyberattacks, swatting, and changes in the world around us.

  • During the Second World War, the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops had a unique mission: staffed with art students, sound engineers and Hollywood writers, their job was to use creativity to deceive Germany. [Works That Work]
  • Strater appears to be your typical American family, with one different: they’ve been regularly targeted for harassment by someone from the internet. [Daily Dot]
  • A female gamer named Janet woke up to find a SWAT Team in her living room, called by an fellow gamer who reported a fake emergency. How SWATing became a thing. [New York Times]
  • New York Magazine profiles the changes in a Brooklyn Street. [NY Mag]
  • When a video store closed after a quarter century, here’s what one employee learned about his industry. [Vox]

Image credit: Oleg Zabielin / Shuttershock

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