Why Cable Companies Really Want You to Get a Landline

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BuzzFeed FWD points out something awfully backwards in the world today: cable companies really, really want you to get a landline. In fact, they make it so damn cheap that it feels irresponsible not to get a landline—even if you absolutely do not need it.


What's the deal with cable companies' obsession with landlines? Why do TV and Internet packages that include a landline cost less than TV and Internet packages without a landline? Does that even make any sense? BuzzFeed FWD talked to various cable companies, and though those companies drum up the advantages of a landline, found that the real reason companies offer such cheap landline packages in the beginning, is to lock you in for more charges in the future. FWD writes:

Even though these companies make the triple plays and bundle deals seem like a steal at the onset, after a year they can start to charge you more for the cable box or that landline you never wanted, making up for the the lost revenue in discounts and what seems like a "free" voice service.

Ha. Cable companies squeezing its customers for more money. Big surprise, right. [BuzzFeed]



Internet aside, having a landline in the case of a blackout is probably going to be the only way to communicate reliably, since with no power, cell nets are finished. and anyone with a "smart"phone is fucked in a single day. In the blackout of 2003 (sure seems a long time ago now), we had a landline and were the only people in our neighbourhood (Kingston, ON) to be able to communciate out.